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About RFTA
" The best part of working out with Ashley is that exercise is never boring. He constantly keeps us on our toes with innovative moves, new equipment to try, and exciting techniques. " - Jeanne I, 38
" So far I have lost 9-1/2" inches. I can't believe it. When I started working with Ashley I was just looking for a way to get a little exercise. Well, now I am hooked! " - Jen N, 34
" Ashley has helped me, at the age of 38, to achieve goals I never thought possible, both physically and mentally. " - Mark W, 38
" I had a stubborn five pounds that I wanted to lose, and by working out with Ashley AND using the exercises he taught me to do at home, the pounds are gone!" - Missy B, 43
" More important than any inches or weight loss are the benefits I've gained mentally. I know now I am much physically stronger and capable than I thought I ever could be. " - Nadine F, 39
" Ashley is an amazing motivator, has a great work ethic, and is willing to try multiple techniques to help develop a workout routine that works for you. " - Robert P, 30
" Ashley continues to challenge me without going beyond my ability and is always helpful when I'm having difficulties with a workout. " - Roberta M, 66
" Ashley's understanding of fitness, strength and cardiovascular training has allowed me to reach levels of physical health and energy that I have not experienced in the last ten years. " - Roger L, 53
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