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Types of Training

We provide a full-range of fitness services to clients of all ages and abilities. Whether you want one-on-one time with a personal trainer or would like to gather a group of friends and train together, we can meet your needs. Best of all, we come to you! See our Services page to explore the various programs we offer.

Active Spirit (60 years +)

Training programs designed for those who might be a little older than the rest of us, but are still young at heart. In addition to specialized strength and resistance training, skill sets are implemented to improve and maintain balance, focus, flexibility, and stamina, while increasing energy levels and improving posture. Active Spirit will help to ensure a happier and healthier quality of living for many years to come!

Agility, Balance & Coordination (ABC)

Also know by the more common term of Functional Training, this type of program involves exercises specifically geared towards improved core strength, posture, balance, focus, and coordination through any, every, and all possible motions the body could engage in. This includes things like walking and carrying a heavy box, dashing across a tennis court with the racket outstretched, leaping over the defensive tackle to reach the end zone, backpedaling down a soccer field before cutting towards the sidelines at a high speed, maintaining a perfect squat position while going for a personal record, executing a jump spinning kick and landing in a one-legged stance with perfect balance, or simply just being able to traverse slippery rocks while on a countryside trail hike. In essence, the stronger the center of your body—or core—the stronger, quicker, more agile, and more capable you’ll be whenever the body needs to be.

Body Building & Figure Competition

While many competitors in the world of Body and Figure Competition feel that you must push your body beyond the limits to get to the level of what they see in the magazines or on television, many people fail to realize one simple but effective principle: “Quality, NOT quantity, is what gets you results”! By following a comparatively simple but highly-effective training program, you’ll find yourself getting bigger, stronger, and more defined, while maintain a healthy, injury-free, and less-stressed body.  In fact, some individuals find themselves lifting one day less than their old programs, while actually improving size, mass, and definition!


Specific programs are designed to improve cardiovascular function by improving endurance and lactic acid threshold (the point where your body says “I can’t take anymore of this!”). This is perfect for clients who are looking to run their first 5K race, as well as for those who want to stay strong and poised through the entire duration of a game or competition, knowing that after 50 minutes of play, they’re still able to sprint at top speed after the ball—long after their opponents have run out of energy.

General Weight Loss

Strategies designed to help you shed those unwanted pounds—and keep them off!  This also includes identifying those eating/daily habits contributing to increased weight gain, creating a custom plan to address the issue(s), and formulating “mini-goals” to keep motivation levels up as you near your personal finish line—a slimmer, healthier, and happier you!

Runner-Specific Training

“While running may be the simplest form of cardiovascular exercise (next to walking), what if I’m looking to improve upon your overall times at certain distances?”  “Is training for a 5K the same as training for a 10K?”  “What if I’m only trying to pass the 1.5-mile fitness test for the Armed Forces, or for the Police Academy?” “What type of weight lifting should I be doing to complement my running—if any at all?”  If you’ve ever asked yourself these questions (or others like them), rest assured that RFTA’s programs are custom-designed to personally fit your training needs.  Whether you’re seeking to maintain 8-minute mile splits in a half-marathon, or if you just wanna be able to run an entire race without walking, it’s all about creating the best program to get you safely and confidently to your goals!

Sports & Competition Training

For those athletes looking to one-up their competition. Examination of current physical and mental abilities (like focus) are examined, and a program is developed to elevate the athlete’s abilities. Not only will overall quickness, sport-specific coordination, strength and endurance improve, you’ll also likely find yourself more focused and “dialed in” to the action, increased overall motivation to give it your all, as well as more confidence in your personal abilities. Whether you’re gunning for that championship belt, the title of state/regional/national/world champion, an athletic scholarship to college, or just wanna beat out a friend (or two) the next time a pick-up game of basketball comes up, the Sports &d Competition Training will put you on the path to success.

Strength Training & Conditioning

A program specifically designed around resistance training, with the primary focus on improving the body’s physique/increasing muscle definition. In addition to learning a variety of exercises, concepts like proper form, body placement, breathing, spotting, and lifting strategies are also taught. Whether you’re new to the world of weight training, or a seasoned veteran of the gym, this program is guaranteed to provide the client with something new, exciting, and challenging each and every time!

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